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Buying Mistakes to Avoid

A swim spa provides a great workout while adding enjoyment to your home. With today’s self-cleaning models, owning a swim spa is fun and easy to take care of. Below we will explain the mistakes to avoid when buying your swim spa, so you can make an informed decision and enjoy your swim spa for many years to come.

Mistake #1: Incorrect Size

Sometimes, there are so many swim spa options available that it can be easy to get overwhelmed about what you actually need. You want to ensure that the swim spa will be an adequate length and height for the people that will be using it. Also, consider if you will frequently be having guests and friends use your swim spa as well. If so, you may want to go with a larger model that will provide enough room for several people to enjoy at once without it feeling overcrowded or people having to take turns.

Mistake #2 – Not Considering Location

Another common mistake is when a buyer assumes that their swim spa will fit perfectly into the space that they have in mind. If installing on a deck or patio, make sure to take proper measurements and ensure that there is still ample space for people to move around freely and easily access the swim spa. Another location mistake is not considering privacy. You may think that putting the swim spa in your backyard is a great idea, but once installed if you have no privacy between your neighbors, you may feel exposed.

Mistake #3 – Choosing the Wrong Dealer

Unfortunately, not all swim spa dealers have a good reputation. Be very cautious of purchasing a swim spa at an expo, where the dealers will claim they are giving you the lowest price possible, when in fact the product is inferior. Always read reviews of dealers as well as manufacturers and find customer testimonials as to how the dealer handled service calls or warranty replacement. Don’t be stuck with a swim spa that you are unable to get repaired or serviced because the dealer you bought it from closed or does not have a location in your area.

Mistake #4 – Low Cost, High Maintenance

Usually, low-cost swim spa models come at a price and that can be the amount of maintenance that is involved. The last thing you want is to be spending more time cleaning your swim spa than enjoying it. While every swim spa will require some type of maintenance, quality models, such as Hydropool are self-cleaning and you will never need to vacuum the floor or skim the water.

Mistake #5 – DIY Installation

Most of us are looking to save money wherever we can, but installing a swim spa is not something that you want to cut corners on. Swim spas combine plumbing and electricity – two specialties that should be left to professionals. Speak to your dealer to arrange installation and don’t risk damaging your brand new swim spa or home by trying a DIY installation on your own. Play it safe!

A swim spa can be one of the most rewarding purchases that you will ever make and one that has so many fantastic health benefits. If you are interested in learning more about what swim spas can offer and the many options available, contact us today by calling (905) 873-9444 or emailing info@poolguys.ca.